Saturday, October 26, 2013

New 2000 Years Timeline - and Memorial images

Going back to an April post on the images for the 2000 Years and the Memorial:

I have created my own 2000 Years timeline and have edited the images for the Memorial to be put together this coming week. They are SO beautiful!

For the 1900s, I am adding a photo of local parishioners; I have left a blank space for the 21st century, not just for the blank page, but so that each year we will have a photo of the current atrium children - to show that they are writers of the blank page right now, and that they are part of this timeline. I think it will more smoothly lead into their work on "My Century".

The images turned out so fantastic! Just a few things to hand-write on, to keep that personal touch.

I removed the binding from the book from which I obtained these images and placed the pages into sheet protectors in a binder, affixing the cover of the book to the cover of the binder. This binder can be used for the children's reference if they want to look at weapons, vehicles, tools, furniture and other artifacts of the people at various times in history.

An extension of this work that the children suggested to me - after the initial presentation, the children use blank index cards to write the name of a person (a saint, a famous person, someone in their ancestry) on the front of the card and the date of their life on the back. They can then place those cards in the appropriate sections of the timeline, utilizing the cards created by others as well - see if they can remember when certain people lived (flip the card over to check the date). The hope is that this work will also lead into saint studies; and the child-suggested extension seems to be moving in just that direction! I previously found the timeline too vague to connect with saint history - it's there, just fuzzy ;) But, follow the child, and see what we discover about the richness of our Faith: the beauty, the Truth, the holiness that comes with God's Light.

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