Monday, December 15, 2014

Level 3 - we like to lounge

During official presentations, I prefer the children to sit up, but during follow-up chats on their work, their personal questions and meditations, and during their own personal work - one way the older children know this is truly their space is that they get to s-t-r-e-t-c-h. 

Did you know that Jesus and His apostles "lounged" rather than "sat" at the Last Supper? 

Study on Abraham:

These are new-to-atrium children who have a strong interest in overview presentations of some of the level 2 materials: Synthesis of the Mass in this case.

More Abraham: another day.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Multi-level Atrium - Just for the fun of sharing

This atrium session we have all three atriums available to the children of appropriate ages, but the level 3 children have access to all three spaces (typically going between levels 2 and 3), and we occasionally all go into level 1 for some things, like changing the liturgical color :) 

Level 1


Exercises of Practical Life: Stringing beads

Liturgy: Re-creating the Liturgical Calendar
(we have coloring pages for this - I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE
when the children make it entirely themselves instead!)

Probably a bit young from the liturgical calendar... ;)
matching up the colors though
(hm? perhaps we need some simpler such EPL materials...)

Liturgy: Gestures

Scripture/Prophecy/Prayer: Tracing a Prophecy prayer card

Awesome concentration
Tracing and illuminating Scripture passages assists in meditation

Level 3

Moses Typology: They each choose their comfortable position

Not much movement going on here

But they sure get into these readings and conversations! 

Level 2

Reviewing some geography concepts

chit-chatting, sharpening pencils -
free movement and awesome conversation
even when our hands are not on the official materials

Such joy :) 

Monday, December 8, 2014

St. Nicholas in the Atrium

This was great!

My only bummer: a 7 minute video I made, I can't seem to upload anywhere. I took it on my phone. I can watch it there, but cannot upload it to Facebook, to here or even watch it on my computer. WEIRD.