Thursday, April 14, 2016

What will my child learn in the atrium?

These charts show the progression of themes throughout the three levels of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium. 


This image represents our three main sources. The two key sources highlighted the most often are the Bible and the Liturgy, remembering that the new universal Catechism of the Catholic Church is recent. 

Level 1 - ages 3-6

At this age, everything centers around the experience of Jesus Christ in the world. 

Level 2 - ages 6-9

Level 2 condenses and deepens level 1 while adding in some components, including history.
Creation - purple here represents the Old Testament (preparing for Jesus to come); gold for the time of Christ; "gray" (to off-set the white background) for the current time or the blank page, including the way that we see Jesus today - on the altar; and gold again for the time we are awaiting: Parousia, when God will be all in all. The colors used in the atrium have tan for the "Old Testament" time period, but we have already introduced the children to purple for preparation with the prophecies in level 1 and learning the colors of the liturgical season, thus I chose purple for my purposes on this chart. 

Level 3 - ages 9-12+ (appropriate for teens and adults too!)

And at this level we really highlight the "golden thread" that connects all of Salvation History. 

This post gives something of a quick overview of each level as well: 

Interested in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd formation courses ("training") - or interested in knowing what the catechists study in their 90-120 hours courses to be a catechist at any given level?