Friday, October 4, 2013

Typical Work in Our Atrium

This is a combined level 2 and 3 atrium. I love these children! I also have 2 5 year olds who are ready for some of the Level 2 work but are mostly receiving appropriate 3rd year level 1 presentations.

Level 3 girls preparing to plan Communal Prayer,
first helping the level 2 children with reading the Blue Unity mute pieces

the strong reader at level 2 is reading the Blue Unity booklet
while the other two level 2 are being assisted in reading the movable pieces
how we adapt for readers and non-readers - all 3 very bright 7 year olds
just that 2 aren't quite there yet with reading 
After this work, the two boys will go work on drawing and cutting/pasting

Level 3 young ladies working on the History of the Gifts

Level 1 - polishing - she loves to polish until it shines!
she joined us and contributed to the Blue Unity first presentation
Then wants to polish ;) 

Level 1 - joined us for the Blue Unity initial presentation
she wants to draw some of the images on her own paper

2nd year Level 3 boys - reviewing the Roman Missal

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