Friday, October 18, 2013

3D Paper Creations in the Atrium

Children share inspiration with one another. I am so happy that my first inclination to say 'no' was overturned by my desire to 'see where the child would lead me.'

A 3rd grader in our atrium chose and created a Bible story out of paper. He asked if he could so beforehand - it is not a story we typically utilize in the atrium (Jesus and Peter walking on the water) which prompted my instinctive 'no' - but why would I say that? Because I didn't want the children distracted, I thought to myself. That is silly - distracted by a miracle? Hm. Set aside my petty little issues and let's just see what happens.

We typically have paints, colored pencils, some atriums have markers - all paper crafts, but in the second dimension only: booklets, drawings, paintings, charts, timelines, diagrams, tracings, calligraphy, illumination. This 2D limitation has inspired much creativity, but perhaps not enough in my other atriums. Some atriums bring in clay, typically that which does not dry out; I have not reached a point of adding this material to my self-organized atriums, but it is certainly a consideration in the near future. 

His work ultimately inspired two other children (1st and 2nd grades), both who made something at home, one of whom then made another creation in the atrium. While I do not have a photo of the original creation, I do have the work that was inspired by it!

The City of Jerusalem

Jesus and Peter Walking on Water (Take 2)

Inspired Other Children Re-Creating Jerusalem together
she was just getting up to collect supplies when I snapped the photo ;) 

Moses Receiving the 10 Commandments on the Mountain, while the people pray below

Lesson Affirmed: 
Follow the Child!
(and who wouldn't want to follow such a charming smile as that!?)

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