Monday, October 28, 2013

Continued Observation - Level 3

I was able to spend some more time observing this evening - I love when I get these moments! They are so revealing! 

This group (in the photo below) needs more direction than typical children of their age and atrium experience. But they are definitely moving in the right direction. This evening they re-created the second Mass chart, showing the Propers of the Mass face up (but not yet labeled). For the time being, it seems that if they can all be doing the same thing or something similar to one another, they are able to maintain self-control for longer periods of time. 

Definitely need to get out walking on the line next time. Normalization at its very foundation. 

In the following photo: I thought this would be a good-size group for this work, given the responsible, atrium-experienced, self-directed young ladies involved, with our CRE to assist them as needed. No. It didn't work. Keep it to 2-3 children at a time - more discussion participation from each person, easier to reach decisions about titles for the clues about the Parousia, and the work becomes more personal. It doesn't seem to take as long in smaller groups either.... Hm. SO the work is both quicker and goes deeper with small groups !? I should SO know that by now! ;)

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