Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is the Bible? Study Cards - Command Cards

Several years ago, I came across some Bible study cards. I edited them and began using them at home with my son. I am not sure of my original source, but I know I did not purchase them... and I've edited a bit. So I think I am ok to share these for free :)

Then one of our local atriums had a situation that these cards seem perfect to fulfill - so I edited them a smidgeon again, re-printed and sent them over.

The oldest children in level 2 and our level 3 children heavily utilize them to get their hands back into the Bible, seeking, exploring, organizing and truly experiencing the Bible.

They are in need of another revision! Very soon, I will be updating the set to include a "Part 2" for children who have had them for a while and are looking for deeper work. I have taken some ideas from the children to implement and am currently working a couple of groups of children who are revealing to me the next steps in this work.

While these are not an official atrium material, we are using them in level 2 (for the 3rd graders) and in level 3 (for all those who have not yet done them, or it has been a while and they need a reminder).

I would love the feedback of others as well!

What is the Bible? Study Cards


  1. We were just discussing the need for this sort of work in our level 3 - and then one of us noticed your post. Thank you! I'm going to introduce it to our atrium today. I hope it will aid our younger levels threes in entering into the "What is the Bible?" work. It hasn't been a widely embraced work in previous years. I may have to modify your card for the Epistles as I think our charts title them "Letters." Thanks again for sharing your work. I would be interested to see your "part 2" of this series. God bless!

    1. Our materials have them labeled as Letters as well - we just define the word Epistles for them. I think Epistles must be on the original set I used to create these ones. :)