Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Concentration

I have been slow in picking up the blog this year - with 5 days a week of atrium, 2 home businesses, homeschooling, family and dear friends - well, we're focusing on living life more than recording it ;)

Thus, my first post of the school year arrives - and is likely to be my FAVORITE.

On the move. Usually on the move. 
I am officially back in level 1 this year with a wonderful group of 2-6 year olds. The youngest of the bunch is also the most energetic - but he sure know what he's about! He listens to every word I say, makes himself understand in the sweetest of ways, and loves to make sure you know he is present.

He set up the first altar work our second week of class - and gestured to me to light the candles. I still can't figure out how he did it, as I was on the other side of our very large atrium, but he did it!

I lit the candles for him, after a bit (we reviewed the names of the items first - he knew them all, but was slower with the chalice and paten) - and he wanted to snuff them. I had shown the children the week before, but he had not had a turn, as I wanted to "show" them several times before starting with the oldest children to snuff.

Well, this was his work and he was ready. So I let him snuff the candles - and I observed.
(Montessori principle: observe and respond and observe some more)
We lit and snuffed the candles 3 times over.

Enough said. 

Lesson confirmed:
Observe. Trust.
Lay a strong foundation.

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