Saturday, September 28, 2013

Prayer Table Decorating

One of the work options in the atrium is to set up the prayer table - in my level 3 atrium, 2 of the first few children to come in can choose to set it up; in the combined atriums, it is typically the children planning communal prayer who decorate or rearrange what is there. Slowly, my older level 1 children will begin setting up a simple prayer table as well.

It always begin with a cloth, includes a Bible and a candle - from there, is anyone's imagination where it will go.

This is a prayer in itself as they select their items, discuss where items will go, and create something that is worthy enough to bring our minds and hearts to communication with God, the angels and the saints.

I love to see the results - especially from children who have tougher outer layers or those who are more quiet and less expressive. This year, I hope to document each created prayer table.

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