Monday, September 30, 2013

Walking on the Line - in the Atrium

Walking on the line is one of those iconic primary Montessori experiences - that fades away in elementary.

Yet I still see the need for it in us all: children and adults alike.

Past Seeking the Plan of God posts on the line:
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My returning Level 3 children this year - in all 4 level 3 groups I have - requested the line on the first day. They knew it - they loved it - they gained so much from it.

The relaxation; the challenge; the inner balance it achieves especially in these level 3 children whose bodies are growing faster than they can handle and whose emotions are being affected by new hormones.

This year, I am changing the line to a ribbon - leftover from creating a Fettuccia a few years ago. Our carpeting does not hold tape well in the atrium I can place it permanently; the other two atrium spaces, we are not allowed to have tape on the floor.

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