Sunday, November 4, 2012

Walking the Line for Older Children !?

I firmly believe that children in all atrium levels should have the walking on the line.

WHY!? Haven't they outgrown it? Isn't walking the line the point of departure for normalization and the silence game the point of arrival?

Why NOT!? Do you not still do practical life for the pure joy of it in between much harder tasks? Do you as an adult not still occasionally walk on a line when no one is looking? (and if you don't, have you become a fuddy-duddy as an honest child would say? ;) ). Do you not walk in processions in the church? Do you not still need normalization from time to time? A re-centering? A refocusing? What adult who acknowledges their spirituality does not gain relaxation from walking a labyrinth? What about the Stations of the Cross? What are these but a walking of the line that Jesus walked in His final hours?

Self-control; master of one's will; do not touch others; do not pass; commit to going around one whole time (can only enter/exit at one point); do not speak or make any sound; keep moving. Most of our walking is done in silence, but we can also play music while walking, marching, or tiptoeing on the line.

Children of all ages should have access to the walking on the line activity. Not in a circle (it makes one dizzy) and not with sharp corners (it doesn't flow as well and becomes a focus on the line rather than a focus on the inner self) - an ellipse is ideal but a gently curving wandering line is beautiful too.

Set up small stepping stones in the garden and create a wandering path - a beautiful labyrinth.

I shared in my last entry about second graders walking the line before hearing the Good Shepherd - a parable that continues through all 3 levels. The Good Shepherd calls His sheep - and like sheep, we follow... in a line. Did you know that sheep walk in a line one behind the other? (there may be multiple lines, but each is independent of the one beside it). They keep moving; they do not pass; and they do not touch. Just like our walking on the line activity....

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