Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Homework in the Atrium

I just sent this message as part of a newsletter to the parents of my Sunday/Wednesday atrium:

        HOMEWORK: Technically, there is no homework, however this is our faith, thus it will go back and forth. At this age, we are studying our Faith on a much more personal level, thus there are some works that the children may ask some questions at home in order to complete in the atrium. Or they may bring a work home that they want to finish there.

As we move into the year with more timelines of the history of God’s Kingdom (Salvation History), we will have some work that is personal research based. At this time, small groups are studying a timeline called “2000 Years” which focuses on both the changes and the continuity of time since Christ – the most striking feature being that the light of Christ remains constant. 

From this work, the children move into a personal timeline called “My Century” on which they record both world events and local/family events, including births, sacraments, and other important occurrences. In this way, the children have a very tactile experience of their own lives being part of the History. They may be coming home with questions as to these dates. 

Older children will be working on a timeline called “The History of the Kingdom of God and My Place In It” and may ask for a small baby photo. They may also draw a photo of a baby, but many children like a photo of themselves on their timeline. The space is only about 6 square inches, so very small is fine! 

So, I guess there is homework ;) 

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