Friday, November 2, 2012

Private vs Public Faith

"Just this week Pope Benedict said our Catholic faith is personal but not private."

And oh boy how we live that out in the atrium! The children have opportunities for private and communal prayer (in levels 2 and 3, they plan communal prayer); they explore the moral parables such as the Pharisee and Tax Collector - and the maxims such as praying in your room in secret.

In level 3 we explore the virtues and locate signs of their presence or lack thereof in Scriptural texts, readings from the lives of the saints, and in newspaper clippings. Thus fulfilling a need for role models - beginning to discern who are good role models and how to sort the wheat from the chaff in imperfect people. The first time I worked with the virtues a young gentleman was SO relieved to have been given this presentation (like a gift!) because he said, "Now I can tell what I should follow in someone I like and what is ok to not be like him!"

Yes, our faith is personal - it is our very identity. But how do you keep your identity all covered up? You can't! Therefore yes, your faith is public!

When your faith is who you are, as it should be, then your faith is public. Not like the Pharisee, like the Samaritan. You do what needs to be done, you live your life accordingly, without hesitation.

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