Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sharing Their Work

They laid out the timeline,
discussing it;
then pulled out the booklet
and read through it,
discussing some more as they went. 
It always deeply impresses me, without fail both in the deed and in the impressing, that there is always at least one child in the atrium who is not only willing but truly seeking to provide a presentation for another child.

When we have absences, I always have children who want to show the returning children a presentation that was missed, whether a huge timeline or small gesture. The children seem to crave these moments of sharing with one another.

The girls in question this evening were only half done with the Plan of God when we had to close it up for the evening. I listened to their conversation and sharing as I worked with other children, just so I could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit through them. And He did. The message this evening was, as it always is, "Have faith. Just remain in Me."

I know the girls look forward to working with the mute strip next week. Two other girls had it out this evening and made some interesting placements:

Discussing placement

They were so neat in their placements. 

Adding the inventions to the blank page.
Why this choice?
Because we still use those gifts today,
on our own blank pages. 

When the girls were done discussing and laying out the pieces on the mute strip, the rolled out the control strip above it and compared. They kept saying, "How different we did it!" One time, they said, "We were so wrong!" but I cut in to ask, "Were you wrong? Really? Or what is it that caused you to place these items in these places?"

They placed the cultivation of the wheat and the vine at the start of the first two civilizations - because they knew the start of civilizations and agriculture went together - what they had not done was think one step further to discern that agriculture came before the great civilizations; that agriculture must have been the basis for the start of the great civilizations, but first mankind had many experiments to make both in biology and in civil law before civilizations could become great. 

It was in the comparison that they discovered more about themselves and about the Plan of God itself. 

Closing prayer with the Mystery of Faith

Hard at personal work. 

starting "My Century"

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