Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mysteries of our Faith

As we worked through the Paschal Mystery and the Mystery of the Kingdom of God, one essentiality kept standing out:

the wonder of just *exploring* with the children.

Can you or I truly plumb the depths of these mysteries? There is a *reason* they are called mysteries! We can look at the clues, and we can learn, and we can learn grow. But until we are face to face with God, we can never fully KNOW.

Just explore. Don't have all the right answers. I tell this to catechists time and time again - do not GIVE to the children! The children have far more to give to us, than we ever could give to them! ESPECIALLY within the richness of our faith!

If you give them an answer, you destroy the joy of discovery and the developing process of discovery.

Wonder with them. Explore with them. Enjoy with them.

And they will reveal to you a deep wealth of riches!

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