Sunday, October 21, 2012

Introducing Level 3

The level 3 atrium is not complete, but a good deal is ready and much has been re-made. I have Mass materials for the Traditional Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form) and only this past summer had to adjust them to the Novus Ordo (Ordinary Form). It has been much more of a task than I expected! With the recent translation changes, my limited attendance at this form of the Mass, combined with having the level 3 materials manual pre-translation and a "translation kit" for level 3 which only tells you what to change, doesn't give you everything.... Well, it turned out easier to create everything with the original materials manual - then go back and apply the changes. It will be SO NICE for new level 3 atriums when CGS-NA comes out with an integrated level 3 materials manual.

I digress.

It is so wonderful to start a new atrium - hard work but soul-enriching - especially when one has the full support of everyone in the community. If I want doors removed, chalkboards covered, tables removed, different shelving - it happens. And to know that more children will be served in this experience -- I should have been nervous perhaps, but honestly I just trusted in the Holy Spirit. After all these years in the atrium, I can honestly say that I am comfortable just 'being'. Being with the children; being in the atrium. Being that "matchmaker" between the child and the material - knowing that I do NOT have to have all the answers. That the Liturgy and the Scriptures speak for themselves - that I can match-make and step back. Decrease; increase.

Here is our beautiful level 3 atrium:
(apparently some photos are missing... hmmm.... will have to take new ones :) )

It was a classroom for the regular religious education program. Inspiring, no?


Prayer Area
Bibles on the right
Mass Charts on table to the left

Prayer table supplies on lower two shelves
Booklets from level 2 on top shelf for reference

Typology timelines in cabinet on top
Kingdom Parables
(Commandment tablets to the right, on a "lift")

Supply closet with Good Shepherd to the left;
work folders
Moral Formation
10 Commandments on stands
prayer table supplies
optional work table

Mass Cabinet (table of charts to right)

History of the Kingdom of God
Large timelines rolled in basket to right
Includes Prophets, History of Worship in Israel

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