Monday, November 4, 2013

Through the eyes of the children: What happens when...

...I hand the camera over to level 3 young ladies: 

They pose with the work they just finished - as if they were still working with it, each selecting one of their favorite moments:

Posing with their next chosen work:
planning Communal Prayer.

Pictures of ME!?
Maybe there's a reason I hold the camera ;) 

The children started out all sitting around our small table.
Wigglies got them scooted around! 

And all of our silliness
(we are never entirely serious in the atrium):

LOVE that smile! 

The all-time coolest photo of the Blue Unity Strip in the history of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd - EVER: 

Since this IS supposed to be a reflection blog and not just sharing - let's consider what I have learned here: That I am seeing the atrium through the eyes of the children - 
what is important to them; what strikes them when no adult is hovering. 
How the adults appear to the children 
(helps or hindrances? Involved (observing or interacting on the child's level) or hovering?).

I think I will hand over the camera more often. See what the children reveal to me that mere observation on my part doesn't entirely reveal. 

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