Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Great AMEN

We had a discussion about the Our Father in both combined atriums (level 2 and 3 together) early in the school year - discussing each line, contemplating each word or phrase's meaning, the different colors of ink and what the color indicates... in both groups, a small group of level 3 ladies offered to create a beautiful Amen to add to the Our Father prayer lines.

These ladies accomplished a simple VERY beautiful Amen in one atrium session. 

And these ladies took a month; with two in tears they would miss a day
and have to wait to work on it! 

I so love to see the creative expression of the children - it's not about their abilities or talents - it is about what is in their hearts.

Going back to the prayer tables - I again experienced the satisfaction of a choice well-made this morning when I had a pair of boys set up the prayer table - a work of art - a creation of beauty. They THOUGHT and discussed each detail, even asking about the purposes or design of some of the items they used. This was not busy-work for them, although it may have begun that way.

These children love to CREATE.

What a strong reminder to me that the children need "keys" - tools - and the space to truly create.

Some of the children reviewed the Creation timeline this morning, along with the Hebrew word "bara" - to create through God's own power. Most of the children in this atrium will grow up and become parents, participating in that "bara" form of creation in one tiny aspect. In the meantime, and for the rest of their lives, they will continue to take the things of this earth, these gifts of God, and re-create for themselves: works of beauty, works of function, solutions to problems, songs of joy and sorrow, offerings of their lives to their Creator.

Provide the keys - get OUT of the way. Let the Holy Spirit do the real work with the children.

And with myself.

AMEN: So be it. 
Or as the children in the atrium sing: 
Yes, we agree, we believe it so. 

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