Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eucharistic Presence BECOMES Reconciliation

Mostly letting the photos tell the sequence, I'll point out that I have children of both forms of the Mass: Traditional Latin Mass and the Novus Ordo.

Here is a beautiful example of how the children lead the work, when it is something they have explored on so many levels over previous years and months:

First things first: the children did not want to put away the local people. They too belong to the Church - if Jesus came to give Himself to ALL peoples of ALL times and ALL places - well, then we need all the people out. The children even pointed out: there will be ONE flock and ONE shepherd.

2 sheep (then changed to people) are placed behind
the altar - as the altar servers (Novus Ordo)
(yes, only boys were used because the children
with the server idea are TLM children familiar with NO -
only boys are used in the TLM - and some NO)
The third figure might be an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist. 

Then we adjusted for the Traditional Latin Mass
(or an ad orientem Novus Ordo)

Some people are facing away from God.
They have sinned and refused to accept God's gifts.
(on an adult note: those of us in sin should consider
these children's words - and not receive when knowingly
NOT in a state of grace...)

The children announced that these people need RECONCILIATION!
So they go to Reconciliation and now they return to Jesus. 

As they return, the seem to be arranging themselves more neatly...
orderly fashion...
God is a God of Order - not chaos.....

And so the people have returned to the Sacrament of the Eucharist:
both  the SOURCE
and the SUMMIT
of our Faith

Sing Alleluia!!!!

What have the children NOT taught me in this lesson? I stick with the essentials - and look where they GO!


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