Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Power of Doing Good

I was perusing ancient e-mails to see if I could find any more details about the artwork I shared yesterday - I only found the messages sent to everyone who could have entered the atrium and possibly accidentally removed that drawing - but I did find the following message sent to my assistant my first year of atrium - towards the end of the school year. This would have been a year before the shared artwork from yesterday.

It was a hard time in my life. And I so desperately needed the spiritual support of those around me. I am ever so thankful for those people who took me in and embraced me despite the porcupine quills I put up around me!

In the last three weeks, the belt on my van "mysteriously" shredded (in an unnatural manner), my hair has been partially burned, my son has fallen one inch and needed an ER trip for 4 staples to the head, my van has been broken into with my cell phone stolen, odd chunks of something found burning in my oven, two particular children have cried for hours for no reason whatsoever quieting only when beginning to pray the Rosary, money "mysteriously" disappearing....the list goes on - it all has to do with my work with two particular apostolates: the atrium and the society of St. Margaret of Cortona. The more I am involved in these two pursuits, the stranger and more numerous the unexplainable occurrences. 

Interestingly enough - looking back - and sometimes even now - it is entering the atrium that those things stop happening. It is praying the rosary that those things stop happening. It is connecting myself with the Holy Spirit that those things stop occurring.

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