Thursday, December 6, 2012

Blue Unity - versions

Several years ago, my catechists and I created this Blue Unity strip for the start-up of a new level 2 atrium:

At the time these photos were taken, the space photos were missing :( They've been found in the meantime!

Over the last 2 years, this material has been updated to include actual boxes of actual objects, and the photos have been substantially cut back - to the point that the material looks more like the suggestions in the materials manual.

Yes, I said "suggestions" ;) Because in an exploratory work like this, it is more important to offer "keys" in general than it is to offer the children a material you just don't have easy access to, thus choosing to NOT present, or to present but have the sense of the material not being authentic. The children pick up on anything that is not authentic - and they respond!  It is much less important to have a "perfect material" than it is to have a perfect heart-sense that you are presenting keys of exploration. If you have a photo of a piece of iron ore but no object of iron, you must still LOVE this material enough to present it in a genuine fashion.

Today, I reviewed this presentation with someone and we worked through updating just a few more of the materials - so it makes sense to everyone who uses it and it is easily utilized by the children. Frankly, the original organization was perfect ;) It is attempting to match a perfection that doesn't exist that causes problems, which are slowly being resolved.

I am looking forward to reports of wonderful success with this material again!

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