Monday, December 3, 2012

Creation Ramblings of My Own

Totally random thoughts expressed on Facebook to a friend:

We've been studying the work of creation - and its ensuing typology with the 9-12 year olds - it is all prompting a study into the Hebrew language - and I just found a resource to share with the children at the next couple of classes about the Hebrew language's use of the SAME word for "thing" and "word" - so what comes out of one's mouth is a something - God breathed into Adam (who came from "adamah") and He "said" (spoke) and creation came into being - and things were done (waters separated, etc) at this "Word" ----- short story to say - from the MIND of God, comes His WORD and BREATH that became ALL of creation.

So I wonder - if we come to truly know ourselves, would we then know the mind of God? Therefore, we will never truly-truly know ourselves until we are with Him in eternity?

I didn't even get into "bara" - the Hebrew word for God's power of creation, used only in reference to creation found in Genesis.

For reference, one site I found that I really like so far is here: Learn Hebrew - Words Matter

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