Tuesday, February 17, 2015

IKEA in the Atrium

A lovely conversation about materials ensued during a recent formation course - and a Facebook conversation about handwashing stations just came up.

Thought I'd post some pictures! I'll add more soon!

IKEA nightstand on top of an IKEA square table in the background

IKEA nightstand - Good Shepherd! 

IKEA wood cutlery holders for the colored pencils

This rack WAS a drying rack - someone cut off one bar of the drying rack.
screwed it into the sides, so it stays put. 

This solid wood table is in the children's section of IKEA -
sold separately from its solid wood chairs.

more cutlery holders

We did have the nightstand on top of this square IKEA table; but swapped it out.
The chair should NOT be there but is an IKEA solid wood chair. 

The small glass cups are from IKEA - sold in 6-packs.
PERFECT for pouring work!

We have SO MUCH more! I will have to post more images as soon as I can ---- we have the children's white table/chairs, a "cube", and more!

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  1. I LOVE Ikea for class furniture. I know this is CGS but we have those same end tables and nightstands for our toddler and primary Montessori spaces! Love the idea for the pencil holders too!