Monday, February 9, 2015

Angels and Demons - Following Interests

Catholic Hearts Domestic Church - post on Two Great Homilies on Angels and Demons

Rather introductory, but good, memorable and inspiring in regards to hands-on materials ;)

The papers were all given to the youngest/smallest server (who was fine by the way - he was a bit dizzy, the choir director called him over to sit with her, then he went outside for 2 minutes, insisted on coming back into Mass and joined everyone as they were going back up to the altar) -- minus the two pages that were missing afterward. His assignment? To fill in the missing pieces.

The end result?

Definition cards for the atrium. Fr. Meyer printed the definition in tiny words at the top of the page; trim those off, re-print those and mount to the back. The children can read one side, see if they remember the term or definition on the other side and flip over to check - all contained in a folder that lists the choirs in order.


Other children in the level 3 atrium requested images for our artwork display. Yep. We'll see. I sent them on homework assignments to find what they can find and bring them in next week. We'll have printed what works best for our environment.

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