Monday, May 12, 2014

Mid-west CGS Formation Courses

To be offered in St. Leon, Indiana this summer and into the school year:

Level 1 - Part 1:
July 25, 26
September 26, 27
November 14, 15
Part 2: TBA

Level 2 - Complete Formation Course: 
June 9, 10
July 7, 8
August 4
October 13
November 8
February/March dates: TBD

On-site lodging available (provide your own food; lodging is a house with full kitchen)

At the lovely St. Joseph location of All Saints Parish - home to 3 atriums (one at each level). Nearby St. John the Baptist location of All Saints Parish has a second level 1 for participants to visit; and nearby St. Paul location of All Saints Parish has a second level 2 for possible visiting (need to check on that).

All Saints Parish has the only level 3 atrium in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and the longest-running parish-based Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium at any level within this archdiocese.

Come join us!

About the Formation Leader - Jessica Welsh is a National Association recognized formation leader.
I have been in the atrium for 10 years, following the growth of my son in the atrium (starting in infancy and now in level 3). I currently have 5 weekly atrium times: 1 level 1, 2 level 3 and 2 atriums that combine levels 2 and 3. I work with children who attend public school, private school and homeschool. 
On the side, I offer online Montessori homeschool support for primary (ages 3-6) and elementary (6-12 years) - based on AMI practices and albums.
I am excited to offer these two courses in my home-town and hope that everyone who can make it can come. I am also happy to travel elsewhere for courses, if you have enough people in need of formation :)


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