Friday, March 7, 2014

Sola Scriptura ???

Recently, a Christian company was asked about on one of my online groups - their "about us" has this to say:

To summarize, we at Lamplighter believe:
  • Sola Scriptura – Scripture alone presents the framework of final authority for faith (doctrine) and practice.
  • Sola gracia – Grace is not only essential, but is God’s exclusive method of redemption.
  • Sola Fide – Faith apart from works is the only means of receiving redemption, justification and all other gifts of God.
  • Solo Cristo – Only Christ is savior and Lord.  There is no saving merit apart from or in addition to Christ’s righteousness and sacrifice.  His work is sufficient and complete for accomplishing our redemption and cannot be supplemented with efforts of our own.
  • Soli Deo Gloria – To God alone the glory, the only appropriate response, recognizes no other as worthy to receive honor or praise."

I guess I just don't understand stuff like this.

The Bible ALONE? But the Christian Church began before the New Testament was written; the Hebrew people lived for centuries with an in-development Hebrew Bible canon. So "Tradition" came before "Scripture" - the two work together. But ok, let's go with Bible alone for a few more moments.

God's Grace? Yep. Agreed.

Faith alone? Maybe. But "By their works, they shall be known." (Matthew chapter 7) The BIBLE (Bible alone, right?) has Jesus' teachings about HOW TO ACT in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is faith alone that gets us in, but it is our works (the *fruits* of our faith) that KEEP us in. If we do not bear fruit, we will be pruned and thrown out to be burned for eternity (Book of John chapter 10).

Christ alone? Yep. But He is part of a Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) - and we can ALL intercede for one another. Christ wants us to pray for each other - and those praying includes those who have gone before us, those with us now and those who may not even personally know us.

To God alone be glory - YES! Here is where we have a difference in definition of words. Non-Catholics have one definition for worship; Catholics have THREE. WHY!? Those crazy Catholics! Going back to the original languages, how dare they?
Dulia, Hyper-dulia, Latria.

  • Latria is the highest of worship - TRUE WORSHIP - reserved for God alone. THIS is true worship and is reserved for God alone. 
  • Dulia is a high form of RESPECT/HONOR - reserved for those humans who have lived virtuous lives and have pointed others to Christ. 
  • Hyper-dulia is reserved for the one who carried God in her womb and nursed the Lord, the Creator, at her breast: Jesus' mother: Mary. DEVOTION to the one who said YES, when our original parents (Adam and Eve) said NO. Not worship ---- DEVOTION. 
But all of this is in the Bible - or part of the Tradition that was the Church before the Bible. The Bible itself says, "There is more outside of this writing - the entire world could not contain the works of Christ during His life on Earth alone - follow all that I taught you in person, this letter is only clarification and reiteration of specific points." (The Apostle Paul - serious paraphrasing there)

The Bible itself says that it should not be used as the ONLY source. 

Otherwise, guess what? Protestants agree with Catholics on more than they know - they only think they are disagreeing. 

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