Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Vine Stretching Out

During a True Vine meditation - only on part 1 !!

Using the example of temptation with a cookie jar of one's favorite cookies inside - you're hungry - but mom says "no cookies until after dinner" (which isn't anywhere near ready yet).

We talked about the vine dresser caring for the vine, running his fingers along the tendrils. But remember - this is part 1 - we've not talked about blockages!

An astute young lady explains that when her arm is reaching - stretched out - reaching - reaeaeaching for that cookie jar, her vine is curling all up on itself and she's not reaching out to other people and live her life in full joy as the Good Shepherd wants.

But when she fights temptation and pulls her hand back (she shows how her hand curls up to herself), her branch of the vine is actually streeeeeeeetching out - because the sap is flowing through it and making it grow - grow - GROW - and stretch.

And then she can reach out to other people.


Love this kid.

Love atrium.

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