Monday, May 20, 2013


Yes, this post was from last January ;)

We reconvened our Wednesday/Sunday classes rather late in the month of January, but we had to celebrate Epiphany regardless - so level 3 planned and presented for the level 2 atrium.

We have two classes - different children in each class - these images are a mix of both.

Advent wreath is placed as a sign of our waiting -
for what are we waiting?
For promises to be fulfilled.
 I helped write the narration, which one child read; the other children took turns placing the Books of the Bible, the Advent wreath, lighting candles, reading the prophecies, the infancy narratives (just one particular verse from each one, along with a summary of the narrative), the light of Christ (the Paschal Candle), the baptism garment to show the light spreading throughout the world and the Parousia symbol.


Level 2 children were each given a candle to place in front of a Scripture card as it was placed by the level 3 child doing the reading. These Scripture passages are a light - "Thy Word is a Lamp Unto My Feet and a Light Unto My Path."

We also sang songs at intermittent points: "light one candle"; "the light of Christ has come into the world" (with corresponding verses to match the "light one candle" song - love, joy, peace, hope); and another I don't recall right now (I'll update the post if I remember to check my notes and do so ;) ).

We have eternal hope.

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