Sunday, September 30, 2012


We had a wonderful talk today by Rebekah Rojcewicz.
(I will be adding to this post later in the week when I have more time, but wanted to post this bit)

She challenged each of us to walk around the atrium; look at each material; and state the ONE main teaching. This is the *most essential* teaching and is the one thing you want the children to know, if you teach them nothing else (and we probably do NOT want to teach anything else because the message could be lost in the multiplicity of words and ideas!).

This is what we call one HUMONGOUS map of Israel.
Perhaps too big? Yikes! 
She used the story of a man coming to visit your atrium. He knows nothing about the faith, but this is your ONE HOUR with him. What is the deepest, most essential message that you will give him about each material as you tour the atrium with him.

Suggestion: Land and Water Globe
Of all the many places on this vast earth, God chose one tiny place to come to us as a man, to be born, to live, to die, to return to life and ascend into heaven: Israel.

This exercise can be done in every atrium. I look forward to doing this in all three levels as soon as I get back home :)

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