Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pin Maps of Israel

The materials I created for our local level 2 and level 3 atriums.

I started with the materials manual (the last two versions of the level 2 printed manual and the online materials manual), I checked atlases and other resources (both ones the children would be able to access in the atrium as well as resources accessible outside the atrium) and did some serious modifying.

I then created my own documents and materials that reflect the actual appearance of Israel and what we can determine historically. No two atlases are 100% identical, so what I have prepared is what I hope to be a good representation of Israel while also reflecting the nature of the regions puzzle map we utilize in the level 1 (and early level 2) atrium.

Pin Map Love - a previous post about this material.

The materials are available for purchase at Garden of Francis - Israel Pin Maps - Time of Jesus. A portion of this work was developed with direct assistance of a handful of catechists at our local parish, so a portion of all pin map sales will be directly tithed to that parish. Pins are to be purchased separately.

All features on one control map
and a working (mute) map with all features
Level 2 might not have this set -
more likely to have a larger control map available
as well as individual control maps for the maps described below.
OOPS! Missing the Mountains of Perea to the eastern edge of Perea.*

the mute working map for "Cities and Regions"
the  mute working map for "Mountain Ranges, Desert, Bodies of Water"
OOPS! Missing the Mountains of Perea to the eastern edge of Perea.*
the mute working map for "Mountain Peaks"

For level 2, it is BEST to have a separate container for each pin map. So the children go to the shelf and have for each of the pin maps

  • Working mute map (this is the one with holes)
  • Control map (can be the wooden map photocopied and mounted onto tagboard, add labels)
  • Booklet (this provides some information on each location, the corresponding Bible verse - and tells them the name of the place so they can find the pin to place it on the map)
  • And the box of pins for that map only

At level 3, they can have ONE box with all the pins and a set of atlases and other maps to research where to place the pin for each geographical location. In my level 3 atriums, the children earn the privilege to work with the pin maps by researching and filling in two pages listing each of the locations by Bible verse (they look up the Bible verse and write in the name of the location). 

The pins for the maps: 

I bought ours from Nienhuis (Heutink in the US). They are sturdy pins with sturdy flags, available in all the colors we need. I order the "extra flags" in sets of 10, currently $6.60 for a pack. Shipping is expensive through them, but I try to order other items to bring down the shipping cost. Nienhuis/Heutink Pin Map Flags in packs of 10

This particular tacklebox is a "Flambeau Incorporated"
I cannot locate an item number.
A Plano 345500 6-12 Compartment Adjustable is rather similar, but smaller.
The Plano 2360099 Prolatch 3600 Stowaway seems quite identical to this one.

The tacklebox I use for level 3 is perfect for this age - they can have the pins in one container, divided out like this. It has 6 compartments; I have inserted a divider in one to split between the two land ranges of "mountain ranges" and the one "desert." I would like to add a symbol above where I labeled the section (on the underside of the lid) to show which color combos go in which section.

I have also labeled the contents on the underside of each slot. 

All of the cities we use
Cities are represented in red.
The three key cities the children already know from L1?
Those are written in red on the white flags - to emphasize them. 

Mountains are represented by green; and yellow shows a land "area"
So yellow with green for the mountain ranges.
Yellow with black for the desert.
Green with black for the mountain peaks.

Blue is water - that's the easy one ;) 

Anything with two names, I wrote the second name on the back of the flag.
The Sea of Galilee is also Lake Tiberias
Golgotha is also Mount Calvary

Biblical Geography Scripture charts: 
The level 2 children also have these charts on hand -
they can look up a geographical location in the Bible
to read more about it. 

The level 3 children have this blank chart they fill in, using context clues
from the heading of that particular page and the Scripture verses noted.
Then they can work with the pin maps in any order they choose. 

The booklets:
I don't have a ready photo of the booklets. The pages I personally utilize fit 3 to a page and the booklets have red or green covers depending on the color scheme chosen by the atrium I create them for. I only recommend using them for level 2 as the information they pull from is best researched by the level 3 child using the blank Biblical Geography charts.

OOPS! Missing the Mountains of Perea to the eastern edge of Perea.*